Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quaint Looking Stamp

This was one other cute thing I got at a bazaar
in March. If it wasn't for visiting a friend's craft stall, I would not have discovered such cool a hang out place. The seller said the stamp was made in Germany. Isn't she a beau?

A cassette tape or a rubber stamp? :0)

A pic with my ol' friend, Mel manning her stall, Kiraishi Shoppe.

During the past two weeks, I have churned out quite a few card designs. But I have yet the time to link them to online competitions. That will have to wait until my diy photo box is ready for my product photo shoot. I am in the midst of completing the box and when it's done, the photos of my cards should be a lot better. *fingers crossed* ^_^

P/S : The sun has been lovely & luring me to go out to play the past 3 days. Oh, the heat! Loving it.


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