Friday, May 31, 2013

Craft Shopping Time!

This is like an annual craft pilgrimage I would go on to scout for more craft tools. For this reason, 
I would discover yet another part of England otherwise unvisited.

BSSBS would be one of the fairs I would attend and allow myself be 
tempted with craft goodies. 

This year they held it at the Ally Pally again. But this time it was a bigger fair, 
so it was held in the Great Hall. 

It was a rather long queue at the entrance but it was moving fast.

Finally, met Barbara Gray in person. Love meeting inspiring crafters from tv.

I was there from the start until they kicked us out. And while walking out, 
I noticed these murals in Ally Pally.

Can't. Wait. To. Play. With. My. Toys. Now.  ^_^