Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pashminas, Cashmeres & Mount Everest!

Boudha, Kathmandu

This trip was almost an impromptu one. Just a month ago, I wasn't sure if I could really make it to my friend's wedding in Nepal. Thanks for His providence, there I was in a land so different from my home soil. Nepal to me is like a cross between India & China. Apparently, I look like Nepali to some of the locals.

My girlfriend was the blushing bride.

R & I on Hen's Night

My girlfriend, R, a Nepali-Tibetan gal, just tied the knot with a British guy, C, in Kathmandu. They make a gorgeous pair! I am so happy for them. I am thankful that He has given her a suitable spouse who will take good care of her.

C&R on their wedding on 25 March 2012

My precious time with C&R was a total of 9 days. There were so much to do leading up to their wedding. I would have taken more tasks off the bride if I spoke Nepali. But fortunately, with the help of the matron-of-honour I managed to travel to town to get more stuff done for the wedding. Among the things I did was to do the bridal bouquet. The bride's request - a flat-back bouquet with some lilies (there were only calla lilies in 1 of 5 florist shops).

What do you think?

Wished I took more pics of the bouquet in better angles after it was done. This pic was taken when the bouquet had 15% more to completion. I guess I did an okay job with the very limited choice of flowers in town. I went to 5 florists to get the flowers needed.

No, I didn't write these. A note written in Nepali by Abraham.

I was one of the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids & the worship team gals wore tibetan cultural dresses, all from the wardrobe of R. Among them all, I was arranged to wear this luxurious looking one.

The Tibetan cultural dress. The stripey apron worn for married status :0)

Before my departure, I got friends to pray that I will get aisle seats for both connecting flights home. But to my amazement, I wasn't given exactly what I hoped for but better. Indeed God knows better. Throughout my time in Kathmandu, I wished to see the tip of Mount Everest or any of the Himalayan ranges but it wasn't possible due to the fog. On the 1st flight of the journey home, I was given the window seat with leg room. I decided it wasn't a big deal not getting the aisle seat I prayed for as that 1st flight was only under 2 hours. I didn't realized that God wanted to show me the Himalayan Ranges until I saw them during meal time. Like me, the other passengers in the aircraft whipped out their cameras & began snapping away.

Among these ranges might be the Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world!

I am glad I did not always get what I prayed for! ^_^

Feel good to be back home with my hubs. Since last December, it has been one thing after another on my schedule. Too much travelling & socializing for an introvert. My next 'assignment' would be to host a girlfriend from my home land. Gotta prepare the home for her stay.

I can't wait to resume my normal 'housewife' schedule or to create a new one by mid April.